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          制造廠商 : OctoTech奧克泰科
          代理公司 :
          原廠官網 : www.Octotechrf.com


          WiFi, 藍牙/BLE, Zigbee 等射頻前端芯片RFFE(LNA + PA + Switch + Filter)

          奧克泰科OctoTech是一家技術領先的專業半導體公司。公司成立于2016年底,  總部位于加州歐爾文。公司提供先進的射頻集成電路產品(RFIC芯片)和解決方案,采用先進的射頻硅(Si)和化合物半導體技術以滿足不斷增長具有挑戰性的需求物聯網(IoT)和5G融合系統。 更多信息,請訪問www.octtechrf.com。

          Founded in late 2016, based in Irvine, California, OctoTech Inc. is a leading fabless semiconductor company, offering advanced radio frequency integrated circuit (RFIC) products and solutions, which leverage advanced RF silicon (Si) and compound semiconductor technology, meeting the challenging needs of the expanding Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G convergence systems. OctoTech Inc.’s team of seasoned professionals are driven to deliver leading edge solutions to the high-growth global wireless communications market and supply chain with innovative, highly efficient and creative RF designs. As time will prove OctoTech is a company well positioned to provide high performance, multi-function, ultra-compact RF front-end components and sub-systems for wireless local area and wide area connectivity in the emerging IoT markets and their adjacent ecosystems, facilitating and empowering ubiquitous communications. For more information, visit www.octotechrf.com.

          Associations and Memberships:

          Bluetooth SIG

          LoRa Alliance

          Pending / In Process:

          Thread Alliance

          ZigBee Alliance

          Global SemiconductorAlliance

          MIPI Alliance